Top 4 Design Ideas For Your Balinese Hut

If you are looking to purchase a Balinese hut and turn your backyard into a tropical retreat this Summer, then why not dress it up with some of these design ideas. Read on to find out the top 5 design ideas for your Balinese hut

1. Shade Cloth Curtains 

White shade cloth curtains can add a very mediterranean look and feel to your Balinese Hut, making it that extra bit special to relax under and lounge in. Add some deck chairs, pillows and a nice cocktail to the mix and your backyard will be your very own holiday destination for you and your friends!

Balinese Hut with White Shade Cloth Curtains

2. Mini Bar

A mini bar will make your Balinese hut look very suave and professional and be the perfect entertaining area for you and your guests. Brilliant for functions, home parties, festive occasions or even just to enjoy a cold beer or martini on a Saturday night… you will never have to leave home again.

Balinese Hut with Mini Bar & Lounge Are

3. Bali Bowls and Balinese Furniture

A simple Balinese bowl and wooden outdoor setting adds to the tropical look and feel that your Balinese Hut creates. Some Balinese figurines would also be the perfect complement to add to your new outdoor gazebo this summer.

Balinese Hut with Balinese Furniture

4. Deck Area

No Balinese hut would be complete without a decking area. Instead of sitting on grass or dirt ground, you can be elevated to a new level and create the perfect outdoor gazebo area for hours of entertainment during both summer and cooler months.

Balinese Hut with Deck Area

So there you have it. Thatching is an attractive and environmentally friendly roof, harvested from a renewable resource, alang alang grass or cape reed materials. If you are on the hunt for a quality built Balinese Hut with or without a deck area, visit Matt’s Homes, located in Bayswater, Melbourne or phone today on 1300 62 88 77.

Small Bali Huts Made for Inner City Living

If you are looking for an outdoor gazebo that will dress up your backyard and add an attractive landscaping dimension to it, then Bali huts are the perfect option. Bali huts can be built to fit backyards of any size and look great in both small and large outdoor areas. With inner city living an increasingly attractive option for couples and small families, it is nice to have an outdoor area that you can relax in. Even better, is when your outdoor gazebo has a tropical look and feel, making it the ideal place to sit under in both the summer and cooler months.

Small Bali Huts made for inner city living are a more compact size that can fit neatly into a smaller backyard. A 3 x 3 size bali hut can come with or without a decking. The decking gives the balinese hut an elevation, plus makes the thatch roof outdoor gazebo area a bigger feature of your garden.

Did you know that Bali huts can get up to 10 – 15 degrees cooler in summer, because the material acts like a natural insulator? Remember thatch roofing is predominantly found in places like Bali (hence the name balinese hut) and so was originally designed with heat protection in mind.

More and more people are choosing products these days based on not only design and aesthetic reasons, but environmental ones. Bali Huts are made from the natural material alang-alang grass and the African thatch from cape reed tiles. Make sure the timber you use for the frame and poles is non-arsenic treated timber, which is much safer for the environment, plants and animals.

In our busy western lifestyle, it is nice to know that you can transform your backyard into your very own holiday destination with a balinese hut, even without leaving the house!

If you are looking for a wide range of bali huts that range in different sizes and come with competitive prices, then visit Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs or call today on 1300 62 88 77. Located in Bayswater, Melbourne, they have quality built Bali Huts, African Thatches and Umbrella Thatches in stock.

Why Bali Huts Are Perfect For Outdoor Dining

For many years, the Balinese people have used bali huts made from alang-alang grass to sit under and relax, shielding themselves from the heat. Bali Huts have been places where people can go and not only relax, but talk and socialise with family and friends. The tropical look and feel of bali huts is perhaps what makes this outdoor gazebo such an attractive landscaping dimension.

Bali Huts are perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining, and depending on the size you get, they can allow enough space for a dining and lounge area. By adding a deck you can turn your bali thatch into a unique and stunning outdoor setting. De-stress after a hard day’s work and put your feet up, enjoying a cool drink whilst you unwind sitting under the coolness of a bali hut

If you want to experience the benefits of the bali thatch and are looking for superior quality and competitively priced bali huts visit Matt’s Homes or call today on 1300 62 88 77.


Why Adding a Deck to an African Thatch Is a Good Idea

The African Thatch is a sturdy and reliable outdoor gazebo, with a proven ability to withstand strong winds and cyclones. The African Thatch gives your backyard a tropical feel, blending well into all environments. The neatly lined thatch roof tiles match any existing roof and this natural product offers the coolest shade in Summer. The African Thatch is an excellent insulator at night as there is less heat loss after dark and no condensation. This makes the african thatch perfect for outdoor spa or pool areas.

If you want to have the perfect entertaining area, then adding a deck to an African Thatch is a good idea. Using kiln dried arsenic free treated pine and manilla decorative rope at the foot of each pole, the deck is a solid and sophisticated addition to your African Thatch.

Instead of sitting on grass or dirt ground, you can be elevated to a new level and create the perfect outdoor gazebo area for hours of entertainment during both summer and cooler months. If you are looking for competitive prices on the African Thatch visit Matt’s Homes for a huge range of sizes and outdoor gazebos or call now on 1300 62 88 77.

This 4 x 4 African Thatch from Matt’s Homes has a solid timber decking that is an excellent entertainment area.

This 4 x 4 African Thatch from Matt’s Homes creates the perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Backyarder Timber Shed Profile

Backyarder Timber Shed Profile.

For quality timber sheds visit Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs. They have a huge range and competitive prices and their wooden sheds are built to last.