African Thatch with deck or without?

Timber Decking enhances the African Thatch Roof

The African Thatch is a sturdy and reliable thatch roof outdoor gazebo. Its proven ability to withstand strong winds and cyclones, makes it an ideal outdoor roof for all climates and conditions. The African Thatch will certainly give your backyard a tropical look and feel and because of its tiled roofing and it tends to blend in naturally to most outdoor areas and existing roof structures. We often get customers pondering over whether or not they should get an African Thatch with a deck or without. Whilst the decision can often come down to personal aesthetics, a deck can also make your thatch roof outdoor gazebo stand out more and become a bigger feature item in your backyard or outdoor area.

The African Thatch is an excellent insulator at night as there is less heat loss after dark and no condensation. This makes the African Thatch perfect for outdoor spa or pool areas.

If you want to have the perfect entertaining area, then adding a deck to an African Thatch is a good idea. Using kiln dried arsenic free treated pine and manilla decorative rope at the foot of each pole, the deck is a solid and sophisticated addition to your African Thatch. In situations where your outdoor area has only a grass or dirt area as the flooring, I would recommend adding a deck to your African Thatch. This way it becomes more of a feature, plus gives you the opportunity to put a table, chairs, perhaps BBQ area for entertaining. Alternatively, the picture below shows a customer who had beautiful tiled flooring already laid down and the African Thatch over this area complemented it nicely. So, African Thatch with or without a deck? You get to choose, but either way, send us pics!

4x5 African Thatch with Deck

4×5 African Thatch with Deck

Matt’s Homes African Thatch without timber decking










If you’re looking for competitive prices on the African Thatch visit Matt’s Homes for a huge range of sizes and African Thatches or call now on 1300 62 88 77.

DIY Bali Huts

Bali Huts are the ideal thatch roofing outdoor gazebo for homes and commercial venues, creating a tropical resort like environment for you and your guests to relax under and keep cool under the hot summer sun.

DIY Bali Huts are economical if you want to save money on installation costs and you can buy them pre-fabricated, which means that the timber and thatch pieces fit easily together, making it easy for any handyman to install.

DIY Balinese Huts come with clear and simple to read pdf instructions and if you choose a Bali Hut from Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs, they offer an additional personalised service. If you get stuck at any time you can call one of their friendly staff during business hours and one of their installers will talk you through any issues or concerns you have to make the whole process more manageable.

Bali Huts are easy to maintain, and do not require any cleaning or further keeping for up to 10 – 15 years, along with having the added benefit of getting up to 10 degrees cooler in the summer months than other outdoor gazebos.

Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs have a large range of Bali Huts which come in either DIY kit form or their staff can install for you. You have the option of sitting your Balinese Hut on a timber decking or just putting it on existing level ground. There are a wide range of sizes and design options, along with other thatch roofings to choose from, including the African Thatch and Thatch Umbrellas. Visit Matt’s Homes or call today on 1300 62 88 77.

Balinese hut with decking area
Balinese hut with decking area
Dress your balinese hut with cloth curtains to give it even more of a tropical look and feel
Dress your balinese hut with cloth curtains to give it even more of a tropical look and feel

The Truth About Balinese Huts

Two of the most frequent questions our company gets from customers with our Balinese Huts is whether or not they are cooler and / or waterproof. Read below to find out the truth about Balinese Huts:

1). Are Balinese Huts cooler?

Balinese Huts were originally designed for the hot and humid climate in Bali (hence the name). They get up to 10 degrees plus cooler in the Summer months and their natural insulation properties, make them the perfect outdoor gazebo in the cooler months too.

Balinese Huts are a natural and environmentally friendly structure, made from renewable materials (alang alang grass) and non arsenic treated timber. In addition to being cooler, Balinese Huts are low maintenance and fortunately do not suffer from the the effects of mildew. Balinese Huts also offer great UV protection.

2) Are Balinese Huts waterproof?

Yes Balinese Huts are waterproof, if they are installed correctly. If you are handy and take your time, you will be able to complete the installation of your Balinese Hut correctly. Our Balinese Huts come with easy to read instructions and we offer a 7 day a week phone service, where you can call to speak to one of our professional installers during business hours, if you have any questions.

Balinese Hut with Deck Area
Balinese Hut with Deck Area

Who doesn’t love being under a Bali Hut?

Whether it is a hot summer day or night or a mild winter afternoon, relaxing under a Bali Hut can feel like you are on holiday’s – right in your very own backyard. A friend of mine who recently bought one, commented the other day whilst we chatted over mint tea under her new purchase, ‘Who doesn’t love being under a Bali Hut?’. Of course I could do nothing but agree.

In this blog I thought I would profile my friends Bali Hut choice – the 4m x 5m Bali Hut with decking, from Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs. Granted, she is a lucky soul and has a very big backyard, which suits this large thatch roofing outdoor gazebo. Other places I have seen this magnificent outdoor abode is restaurants, bars and hotels.

Impress your friends with the biggest Bali Hut on the market
Impress your friends with the biggest Bali Hut on the market

The 4m x 5m Bali Hut is built with sub floor and decking to elevate your entertaining area. Here’s what you get:

  • Hand woven alang-alang grass (environmentally friendly renewable material)
  • Natural Finish 3.6m long treated pine thatch poles suitable for sites up to 500mm out of level or 125mm square cypress posts
  • Pre-cut roof frame with perimeter boards (240mm x 45mm) and hips & rafters (140mm x 45mm)
  • Kiln-dried arsenic-free treated pine roof frame
  • All hardware, including screws, nails, fastenings & ridge capping (where necessary)
  • Supplied in kit form with easy to follow instructions
Life goes better with a Bali Hut
Life goes better with a Bali Hut
  • 240 x 45mm subfloor frame
  • 90mm decking
  • 120mm x 35mm bearers
  • 90mm x 90mm stumps
  • 240mm x 45mm sole plates (solid footings for poles)
  • All timbers used are kiln dried arsenic free treated pine
  • Manilla decorative rope at the foot of each pole

Easy to maintain, clean and having the added benefit of getting up to 10 degrees cooler than other roofing types, you’d be crazy not to consider the Bali Hut as your home away from home this Autumn and even Winter.

For more information about this Bali Hut and our other sizes, visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs or call us today on 1300 62 88 77.

3 reasons why the African Thatch is a popular outdoor gazebo.

The African Thatch is an outdoor gazebo made from Cape Reed tiling. You can tell an African Thatch by its tiled roof appearance. More and more people are turning to this outdoor gazebo when they are looking for shade and to enhance their outdoor area. Read on to discover three reasons why the African Thatch is such a popular outdoor gazebo.

1. The African Thatch cools and heats conversely:

The African Thatch is a unique product in that it both cools and heats conversely. During the summer months when the temperature is hotter, it maintains a daytime temperature that is lower than other outdoor gazebo roof products (such as roof tiles, tin etc). The African Thatch allows more air to pass through it and you can even drop the temperature further by wetting the thatch roof, which has an evaporative cooling effect.

3 x 3 African Thatch from Matt's Homes

3 x 3 African Thatch from Matt’s Homes

2. The African Thatch is strong and sturdy:

The African Thatch is an extremely strong product that you will often find in many places in Australia that are prone to storms or even cyclonic winds. A decking area can make your African Thatch even sturdier.

3. The African Thatch is aesthetically pleasing:

The tile design of the African Thatch means that it can be placed onto existing structures or custom designed frameworks. Long treated pine thatch poles and kin-dried arsenic free treated pine roof frame can all serve to complement any existing colours you have around your home, from colour bond roofs to darker tiled or slate roofs. A natural product, the African Thatch is aesthetically pleasing and will add an attractive landscaping dimension to your backyard.

If you’re looking for an African Thatch to enhance your backyard, with the added benefit of getting the best prices in town, then visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs. Located in Bayswater, Melbourne, you can visit their in store display or call today on 1300 62 88 77. All products are available online and can be delivered fully installed or as a DIY kit. 


Transform your backyard into a tropical retreat.

Transform your backyard into a tropical retreat.