Why Balinese Huts and Thatch Roofing are Eco Friendly

These days green is the new black and when renovating your home or designing your new abode, choosing materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly is not only good for the planet, but for the hip pocket. If you are looking for ideas to style up your backyard or outdoor area, then an outdoor gazebo certainly does the trick. There are many different types in the market, each hosting their own benefits. Thatch Roofing is one such outdoor gazebo that can offer you an original design and shade area, with plenty of talking points. Read on to find out why Balinese Huts and Thatch Roofing are Eco Friendly…

Balinese Huts are made with alang alang; the grass thatch of Asia. It was the primary means of putting a roof over ones head for millions of people until more westernised structures came about. Bali Huts have been used by the Balinese people as a place to unwind and also shield themselves from the intensity of the sun’s rays and are now a popular thatch roof outdoor gazebo for many Australians. The hand woven alang alang grass is a renewable material, therefore is eco friendly and its shaggy exterior, creates a much more breezy, cool and relaxed look than many other roof structures. The strong timber roof structure and posts are made with kiln dried arsenic free treated pine; friendly for both kids, pets and the environment. Thatch Roofing comes in a few different types, such as the shaggy look of the Balinese Huts or the more neat and tidy tiled look of the African Thatch; made from cape reed tile. The main difference is to do with the aesthetics and some of our customers will choose the African Thatch because it blends in well with their existing roof structure, whereas others prefer the tropical look and feel that the Balinese Hut offers.

Thatch Roofing gets up to 10 degrees cooler than other outdoor gazebos, particularly those made with tin, polycarbonate or shade-cloth. This saves on sourcing extra heating in the cooler months and also maintenance and cleaning costs, because other than usual spot checks, Balinese Huts and Thatch Roofing are virtually maintenance free.

The African Thatch blends in well to existing roof structures

The African Thatch blends in well to existing roof structures

The Umbrella Thatch

The Umbrella Thatch










If you are looking for an eco friendly option for your outdoor area, then check out the Balinese Huts and Thatch Roofing by Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs. They have a large range of sizes to fit all backyards and outdoor areas, along with custom design and DIY kits. Call today on 1300 62 88 77 or drop by their display store in Bayswater, Melbourne.


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