Bali Huts: The Perfect Outdoor Gazebo for Summer

The warm weather is finally here and things are hotting up for the perfect Summer. At Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs we still have plenty of sales and offers on many of our products, including our Bali Huts. Bali Huts are the perfect outdoor gazebo area for Summer and allow you to kick back and holiday right in your very own backyard.

Choose from our large selection of Bali hutsAfrican thatches and thatch umbrellas. Sizes range from small to large and will suit all backyards. The thatch roofing blends well into existing roof colours and creates a tropical look and feel in your garden area.

Bali Huts can get up to 10 degrees cooler than other outdoor gazebos, because of their natural insulation properties.

Order in store or online or Layby Now for our Bali Huts so you can relax and enjoy time outside this Summer!

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Top 3 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Thatch Roofing Bali Huts

When it comes to building roofs or choosing an outdoor gazebo, we usually only think of roof structures like brick, steel, iron or sail cloths (for outside areas). However, thatch roofing can be used to not only cover an outdoor gazebo, but sheds, houses or cottages. Thatch Roofing includes Bali Huts, African Thatch and Thatch Umbrellas and is an increasingly popular choice for home owners and renovators. This is because aesthetically the thatch roofing adds a huge landscaping dimension to any outdoor area, along with its environmental and economical benefits.

Read on to find out Top 3 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Thatch Roofing Bali Huts.

1. Maintenance and Durability

Thatch roofing, (if installed by a professional installer), should last up to 50 years. An added bonus is that it is also easy to maintain and clean, in fact there will be little maintenance needed. Like other roofing materials, there may come a time when you need to replace a section. With respect to thatch roofing, this may be because of insect infestation or water ingress. Reeds and straw are considered to be very light materials for a roof structure. If your thatch roofing is installed by a professional this will ensure that your roof structure is sturdy and tight. The African Thatch in particular is often used for places that experience strong and even cyclonic winds, because it is known to be a strong structure. The Umbrella thatch huts are best pulled down when there is heavy winds, as being only on one pole can make it less sturdy than Bali Huts and the African Thatch.

Balinese Huts are also 98% waterproof, if they are installed correctly. If you are handy and take your time, you will be able to complete the installation of your Bali Hut correctly. Our Balinese Huts come with easy to read instructions and we offer a 7 day a week phone service, where you can call to speak to one of our professional installers during business hours, if you have any questions.

2. Purpose

We encourage our customers to think outside of the square. Bali Huts, African Thatch and Umbrella Thatch huts are suitable for all areas – from hotels, motels, to restaurants, bars and homes. Small tiki bars, cottages, sheds and commercial centres can also suit thatch roofing. Because thatch roofs are so aesthetically pleasing, they can add value to your property because they serve as an added attraction. Bali Huts are a great place to unwind under, or as an entertaining hotspot. If you lead a busy lifestyle, going home and being able to read a book or eat dinner under a Bali Hut can certainly help you relax quicker and easier.

3. Function

Bali Huts were originally designed for the hot and humid climate in Bali (hence the name). They get up to 10 degrees plus cooler in the Summer months and their natural insulation properties, make them the perfect outdoor gazebo in the cooler months too. Balinese Huts are a natural and environmentally friendly structure, made from renewable materials (alang alang grass) and non arsenic treated timber. In addition to being cooler, Bali Huts are low maintenance and fortunately do not suffer from the the effects of mildew. Balinese Huts also offer great UV protection and because the material is not 100% airtight, if you put a balinese hut over your spa area, you needn’t worry about steam being captured in the roof. A steel roof would capture the moisture on the roof, however because the steam can escape in thatch roofing, it provides a much better outdoor gazebo option, particularly over spas or pools.

If you are looking for thatch roofing and Bali Huts and want a company that manufactures quality built thatch roofing, with the added bonus of having competitive prices, then visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs. Located in Bayswater, Melbourne, they have a large range of thatch roofing and Bali Huts to suit all size backyards and properties. Enquire today on 1300 62 88 77.

African Thatchfrom Matt’s Homes

Create the perfect entertaining hotspot with thatch roofing and deck area
Bali Huts from Matt’s Homes

Want to Win a Bali Hut?

Feeling lucky? Anytime is a good time to win a prize, particularly as we head into a long Summer. Melbourne based family owned business, Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs is offering readers a chance to win a Timber Shed, Timber Cubby House or Bali Hut. All you have to do is jump onto their facebook page, like it, select the product you want to win and enter your details. It is that easy. If you already like their facebook page, you can still enter, just by following the prompts.






The Bali Hut you can win is 3m x 3m and is perfect for going over a spa, or creating a relaxation area for your backyard. This size is perfect for smaller backyards, allowing enough room for you to entertain guests comfortably.

Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs provide quality built Bali Huts and thatch roofing for competitive prices. Made out of environmentally friendly, non arsenic treated pine and alang-alang grass, Bali Huts are a brilliant addition to any backyard or outdoor area, creating a tropical look and feel and a great place to kick back and unwind, without having to leave your own home.

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Top 3 Benefits of the African Thatch

The African Thatch is an outdoor gazebo made from Cape Reed tiling. You can tell an African Thatch by its tile thatch roofing. They are becoming an increasingly popular outdoor gazebo and if you read on you will discover the reasons why.

The Top 3 Benefits of the African Thatch

1. Cools and heats conversely

The African Thatch is a unique product in that it both cools and heats conversely. During the summer months when the temperature is hotter, it maintains a daytime temperature that is lower than other outdoor gazebo roof products (such as roof tiles, tin etc). The African Thatch allows more air to pass through it and you can even drop the temperature further by wetting the thatch roof, which has an evaporative cooling effect.

2. Strong and Sturdy

The African Thatch is an extremely sturdy product that you will often find in many places in Australia that are prone to storms or even cyclonic winds. A decking area can make your African Thatch even sturdier.

3. Aesthetically pleasing

The tile design of the African Thatch means that it can be placed onto existing structures or custom designed frameworks. Long treated pine thatch poles and kin-dried arsenic free treated pine roof frame can all serve to complement any existing colours you have around your home, from colour bond roofs to darker tiled or slate roofs. A natural product, the African Thatch is aesthetically pleasing and will add an attractive landscaping dimension to your backyard.

If you’re looking for an African Thatch to enhance your backyard, with the added benefit of getting the best prices in town, then visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs. Located in Bayswater, Melbourne, they also deliver Australia wide. Phone today for more information on 1300 62 88 77.

African Thatch is a popular thatch roof outdoor gazebo

African Thatch is a popular thatch roof outdoor gazebo

African Thatch by Matt's Homes and Outdoor Designs

African Thatch by Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs

Things Just Go Better With A Balinese Hut

A Balinese Hut has become a popular option for those who want to add an outdoor gazebo to their backyard. Quite simply, things just go better with a Balinese Hut. Made from alang-alang grass from Bali, the grass thatch of Asia, the Balinese thatch is eye catching and adds a tropical feel to your home. Balinese Huts have been used by the Balinese people as a place to unwind and also shield themselves from the intensity of the sun’s rays and is now a popular thatch roof outdoor gazebo for many Australians. The hand woven alang alang grass is a renewable material and its shaggy exterior, creates a much more breezy, cool and relaxed look than many other roof structures. Balinese Huts come in many different styles and designs.

Like the African Thatch, Balinese Huts get up to 10 degrees cooler than other outdoor gazebos, particularly those made with tin, polycarbonate or shade-cloth  Not only is the material environmentally friendly, it is cost effective, because it lasts for years and is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. This allows you to put your Bali Hut up and enjoy its benefits without having to maintain its condition. Bonus!

If you are looking for Bali Huts, then visit Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs to check out their large range of sizes to fit all backyards and outdoor areas. Call today on 1300 62 88 77 or drop by their display store in Bayswater, Melbourne. To view some lovely pics of their Balinese Huts, watch their video below now!