Do Bali Huts sit well over a pool or spa?

A popular question we get from our customers is whether Bali Huts sit well over a pool or spa. Our answer to that is quite simple; yes, yes, they do. There is a good reason for this however.

Bali Huts are made with hand woven alang-alang grass material, which is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource material. The alang-alang grass isn’t 100% airtight, so if you put a Balinese Hut over your spa or pool area, you needn’t worry about steam or moisture being captured in the roof. Other benefits of this thatch roof are that it requires no maintenance, mildew or cleaning. Its natural insulation qualities reduce heat by up to 10° in summer, and offers warmth on cooler days.

Bali Huts by Matt's Homes & Outdoor Designs

Bali Huts by Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs

Many people respond positively to the tropical look and feel of Bali Huts. They definitely have a flow about them that other roofs don’t offer. In our busy western lifestyle, it is lovely to transform your backyard into your very own holiday destination with one of Matt’s Homes Bali Huts. To view our full range visit us at Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs or call now on 1300 62 88 77. We deliver Australia wide and offer DIY or full installation services.

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