Bali Huts: Thatch Roofing Profile

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor gazebo and entertaining area to unwind and relax under, then the Bali Hut is for you. In this blog I am going to profile the 4 x 4 stylish Bali Hut with Decking from Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs.

The 4m x 4m Bali Hut is a good sized outdoor gazebo that is very popular in the Matt’s Homes range. The reason for this is that you can fit comfortably a bar area and outdoor setting, including a couch underneath it. Alternatively you can put the Bali Hut over a spa or pool area. The thatch roofing is made from alang-alang grass and this renewable material is not airtight, so it allows steam to escape easily.

The 4m x 4m Bali Hut  is well suited to medium to large backyards. Bali Huts are a natural beauty and will turn any backyard into a tropical oasis. As stated, the alang-alang grass material that covers the Bali Hut is a natural and environmentally friendly renewable product and can get up to 10 degrees cooler in warmer months. Its shaggy look is stylish and sophisticated, adding an attractive landscaping dimension to your backyard. By adding a deck, you can turn your Bali Hut into the perfect outdoor setting. The decking comes with sub floor, which is excellent for sites that are not level and ensures that you have a designated area in which to entertain or relax under, rather than sitting on grass or dirt ground.

4m x 4m Bali Hut with decking by Matt's Homes

4m x 4m Bali Hut with decking by Matt’s Homes

 4 x 4 Bali Huts with decking

The Bali Hut 4m x 4m with Sub Floor & Decking from Matt’s Homes features the following:

4000mm (w) x 4000mm (l)

  • Hand woven alang-alang grass
  • Natural Finish 3.6m long treated pine thatch poles suitable for sites up to 500mm out of level or 125mm square cypress posts
  • Pre-cut roof frame with perimeter boards (240mm x 45mm)and hips & rafters (140mm x 45mm)
  • Kiln-dried arsenic-free treated pine roof frame
  • All hardware, including screws, nails, fastenings & ridge capping (where necessary)
  • Supplied in kit form with easy to follow instructions.



  • 240 x 45mm subfloor frame
  • 90mm decking
  • 120mm x 35mm bearers
  • 90mm x 90mm stumps
  • 240mm x 45mm sole plates (solid footings for poles)
  • All timbers used are kiln dried arsenic free treated pine
  • Manilla decorative rope at the foot of each pole

To view this product and price visit Matt’s Homes Bali Huts or phone today on 1300 62 88 77. Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs has many different sizes of Bali Huts and also stocks the African Thatch and Thatch Umbrella, along with various other home and outdoor products, including timber sheds, granny flats, teenage retreats, cubby houses and wooden dog kennels. Matt’s Homes is a family business located in Bayswater, Melbourne. In addition to being competitively priced, they use Australian made non arsenic treated pine in all their products ensuring top quality and longevity.

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