Layby Bali Huts for Xmas and Get 10% Off Now!

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to start planning for more events outdoors! Why not keep things simple and entertain at home in your very own backyard? A great addition to any backyard is a Bali hut. Bali huts are a cost effective, environmental and aesthetically appealing option. They make for a perfect entertaining hotspot and can radically transform your outside area. If you layby one from Matt’s Homes now, you can get 10% off in time for Xmas.

10% Sale on NOW at Matt's Homes & Outdoor Designs

10% Sale on NOW at Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs

Bali huts come in all different sizes, from small to large and with or without a decking area. Their natural insulation properties make them ideal for all year round. In Summer months they can get up to 10 degrees cooler underneath, and when the weather is slightly cooler, they retain heat.

Bali huts are an attractive option that blend well into existing landscapes and give your backyard a tropical look and feel, making them the perfect place to relax under. You can dress them up with additional furniture, draped cloths and even a mini bar and BBQ area.

They work as a stand alone feature, or nicely over your spa or pool area. The material isn’t 100% airtight, which allows steam to flow through easily, as it doesn’t get caught in the roof. Common in Indonesian areas and designed for a hotter environment, Bali huts are an increasingly popular choice amongst Australian consumers who are looking for outdoor gazebos.

If you are looking for a competitive price on Bali huts and with the added bonus of being able to layby, then visit Matt’s Homes in Bayswater, Melbourne. They are offering a 10% sale on many of their items, including Bali huts, so get in before Xmas and get yourself an early present. Call Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs on 1300 62 88 77.

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