Bali Huts – A Testimonial

Matt Chapman is a registered builder, qualified wood machinist and since he was 14 years of age has been building kids cubbies and timber sheds in his local community. Since branching out on his own over the last 18 months and setting up Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs, business has been going really well and one of the best things has been meeting heaps of new customers, plus also receiving referrals and testimonials!

Recently we received a beautiful customer testimonial about one of our Bali Huts. For the privacy of this person, we have only included her first name.

“Had Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs and the boys install a Bali Hut in my backyard last week. Absolutely thrilled with it. The guys turned up on time, were very quick, cleaned up beautifully at the end, fantastic. Many happy hours to be spent under our new hut. Thanks” Kylie.
Balinese Huts from Matt's Homes and Outdoor Designs

Balinese Huts from Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs


Looking for Bali Huts? Read our customer testimonial

Looking for Bali Huts? Read our customer testimonial

Many people respond positively to the tropical look and feel of Bali Huts. They definitely have a flow about them that other roofs don’t offer. In our busy western lifestyle, it is lovely to be able to transform your backyard into your very own holiday destination with one of Matt’s Homes Bali Huts. To view our full range visit us at Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs or call now on 1300 62 88 77. We deliver Australia wide and offer DIY or full installation services.

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