Top 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Bali Hut

Bali Huts are a popular outdoor gazebo for home and outdoor areas. Before you buy though, there are a few things you should know to maximise your purchase. Read on to find out the top 3 biggest mistakes to avoid when buying a Bali Hut.

#1: Buying from Overseas or from a shoddy supplier

Whilst buying online or finding a cheap¬†Bali Hut deal can seem like a bargain at the time, the consequences later can far outweigh the ‘awesome deal’ discovered.¬†

Buying online can often save consumers a lot of money and certainly has its benefits. The problem can be that some overseas suppliers will advertise one thing and the actual product that arrives is not what was expected. Certain things like getting poorer quality timber than stated, fasteners not being stable or the actual thatch roof having wider spacing, thus decreasing its chance of being waterproof resistant.

If you are buying online, make sure you check the reviews, keep all the contact details of the suppliers and find out upfront if there is a money back guarantee option and how you can access this. Unfortunately, most of the time customers are left stuck with it. Make sure you are not one of these people.

One last thing, remember that timber in Australia is actually made for the environment and elements. Timber imported from overseas can lack quality control, so beware of this.

#2: Not buying the right size

First things first, identify what you need the Bali Hut for. If it is for entertaining, it is advisable to buy a bigger sized Bali Hut, than make the mistake of getting something smaller that ultimately doesn’t suit your needs. Remember, this is your home and it is important to invest in your future. Think about Christmas, birthday parties, New Years Eve parties and more.

Better to add the extra metre now than later as it will be far more cost expensive and likely prohibitive.

#3: DIY gone wrong

Most Bali Huts come in easy to instruct DIY kits. Whilst it is advisable that you have a handyman with you to help construct the thatch roofing (this could just be your hubby, father, boyfriend or brother), it is recommended that you don’t make the mistake of trying to just build one yourself.

Thatch roofing can be sold separately, however scrounging around for cheap deals on timber to construct the frame can cause major problems. If strong winds or storms hit, your Bali Hut may not withstand the pressure, simply because it wasn’t engineered to Australian standards, wind classification or has no certification at all. Joints and fasteners also generally prove a problem, particularly for building a sturdy or level structure.

For quality built Australian made timber Bali Huts visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs or call 1300 62 88 77.